Teammates chip in for Guillen

WHEN news of policeman ultramarathoner Bryan Guillien collapsing near the finish line of the Cobra Ironman last Sunday spread, his former teammates in the FM101 started getting in touch online, to seek ways to support their stricken friend.

Aside from being an ultramarathoner–guys who eat 42K for breakfast, lunch and dinner–Guillien also joined the FM101 a few years back, that impressive and grueling attempt to set the world record for the longest football game in the world.

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5 things to know about Global vs. Kaya in Cebu

1.) TICKETS. Buy your tickets early. The game will coincide with the opening of the new season of the Aboitiz Football Cup, Cebu’s biggest and signature football tournament. On its own, thousands attend the opening as there is a parade of players and of course, the football moms, dads, lolas, lolos and ates are there for the opening, too.


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Alcoy Cup, SRB Cup

Alcoy Football Tournament

Alcoy will host a two-day football festival on Aug. 12 and 13 as part of the fiesta celebration of the town.

On Aug. 12, it will have the 7-a-side festival for the Boys 18 (2000), Boys 13 (2004) and Boys 15 (2002), while on Aug. 13, it will have futsal competition for the Girls 18 (2000) division. Registration fee for all divisions is P800 and the event is sanctioned by the Cebu Football Association.

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Girls football

FOOTBALL in Cebu is really growing. Before, teams from Barili go to the city to join tournaments here but now, it’s the other way around with teams from the city going to Barili to join a tournament there, one sponsored by the LGU.

That’s a welcome change because by hosting tournaments, teams in Barili get to meet the best in the city and that’s the only way to improve. The Mayor Marlon Garica Cup, I hope, will be a regular tournament and I hope it encourages other LGUs to hold their own events. Giuseppe FC’s Girls 15 team of coach Eleazer Toledo added another title to their growing collection and it’s great the people of Barili get to see our top girls players in action.

Giuseppe is just one of the top girls teams in Cebu. Here, the U15 team pose for a picture after winning the title in the Mayor Nelson Garcia Cup in Barili.

Yep, the further you go away from the city, the more traditional the thinking gets when it comes to gender and sports. Girls football in Cebu is at par with the rest of the country, judging on the number of girls that make the youth teams that have a lot of US-based players.

Perhaps we’re at par with Southeast Asia too but we can’t really since there hasn’t been a Cebu team that went abroad.

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The first of the First 5 is a real sports fanatic

(Today’s Fair Play entry: Hint, it’s a column, not a news story.)

A sudden change in plans had my Saturday night suddenly free and off I went to First 5, Cebu City’s latest in the sports bar scene. The change in plans, it turns out, was a blessing in disguise because I got to meet one of the owners, Bimbo Tequillo.

There are sports fanatics and sports fanatics, and there’s a whole new category for Doc Bimbo, the collector of the five–they have a contractor, an accountant, a tax expert and another whose profession escapes me.

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