Girls football

FOOTBALL in Cebu is really growing. Before, teams from Barili go to the city to join tournaments here but now, it’s the other way around with teams from the city going to Barili to join a tournament there, one sponsored by the LGU.

That’s a welcome change because by hosting tournaments, teams in Barili get to meet the best in the city and that’s the only way to improve. The Mayor Marlon Garica Cup, I hope, will be a regular tournament and I hope it encourages other LGUs to hold their own events. Giuseppe FC’s Girls 15 team of coach Eleazer Toledo added another title to their growing collection and it’s great the people of Barili get to see our top girls players in action.

Giuseppe is just one of the top girls teams in Cebu. Here, the U15 team pose for a picture after winning the title in the Mayor Nelson Garcia Cup in Barili.

Yep, the further you go away from the city, the more traditional the thinking gets when it comes to gender and sports. Girls football in Cebu is at par with the rest of the country, judging on the number of girls that make the youth teams that have a lot of US-based players.

Perhaps we’re at par with Southeast Asia too but we can’t really since there hasn’t been a Cebu team that went abroad.

If some of our young boys players excel in tournaments abroad, perhaps some of our girls will too, given the chance. Speaking of girls football, perhaps the management of the Malditas–the senior women’s team–will consider having a training camp in the provinces, perhaps Cebu should the Naga field be viable.

I know they’d be more appreciated here than in Manila and it would be a great chance for our young girls to see what it takes to be a member of the Malditas. Or even better, why not host a Malditas friendly in Cebu?

They may not be as famous as the Azkals but I’m confident that with the current state of our girls football, it’s going to be quite a hit.

SPORTSWRITING 101. It seems every time there’s something new in the Philippine football scene, I’d find myself in a situation where I have to educate some fans.

When the Azkals phenomenon hit the country, it was about the origin of the name or the difference between club and international football. I remember how a national TV reporter caused quite a stir when she said in a report that the Younghusbands were going to transfer and play for Indonesia when an Indonesian club team was busy chasing Phil post 2010.

Now with a regional league in town, and fans emotions on a high, perhaps it time again for some lessons? It seems there’s a need for fans to distinguish between the different articles they read online. News reports are not columns and columns are not news reports.

Though there are times—but rare—when columnists write news reports. And naturally, columns are full of opinions because it is supposed to be. Double check if you’re not sure. Also, since this is a regional league, if you want affirmation for your team, read your region’s press, not that of another region’s.



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