Teammates chip in for Guillen

WHEN news of policeman ultramarathoner Bryan Guillien collapsing near the finish line of the Cobra Ironman last Sunday spread, his former teammates in the FM101 started getting in touch online, to seek ways to support their stricken friend.

Aside from being an ultramarathoner–guys who eat 42K for breakfast, lunch and dinner–Guillien also joined the FM101 a few years back, that impressive and grueling attempt to set the world record for the longest football game in the world.

The two teams played for 101 hours straight and that’s quite and before the final attempt had practices that saw them playing for 24 and 48 hours straight. Only men and women made of steel can endure that.

Guillien surely was one of them and his collapse during the Cobra Ironman, when he was going for a podium finish for Tribu Lapu-Lapu shows that it could happen to any of us, the best-shaped athletes included.

Heck, there have been numerous news of footballers collapsing on the field, the last one was that of promising Ajax playerAbdelhak Nouri who collapsed and suffered serious and permanent brain damage.

Thankfully, Guillien is now reportedly in stable condition but still in the ICU. But alas, like majority of the Pinoys who find themselves in the ICU, the financial aspect of a sustained stay is hard on the pocket. So his teammates, and the rest of the ultra community, will be holding a fund-raising run for him on Aug. 19.

Aside from that, I hope Mayor Paz Radaza, too, and organizers of the Cobra Ironman would also offer financial support for Guillien not because he is a participant but because of what he represents. Aside from being a team member for Lapu-Lapu, Guillien is also a policeman assigned in Lapu-Lapu City and the police is one of the biggest factors of the success of the Cobra Ironman. Financial assistance from Cobra Ironman organizers, who have benefited a lot from the support of the local community, police included, goes a long way.

It’s one way of showing too that you don’t have to be a dead policeman to get some love and support.


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